Sunday, 12 August 2012

Tues. August 7th 2012

Meeting Day!  My assignment was potato salad - others brought sloppy joes and buns, fruit, and key-lime "pie" (in squares).  It was very yummy.  The travel office in Germany has been very busy - they have successfully made good bookings at good prices for all those missionaries traveling home up to the first part of January.  Gremlins are at work again in our office!!  I was trying, in my Google calendar, to invite one of the new missionaries to share the calendar.  I lost the whole calendar!  After trying LOTS of things, I decided I'd have to start re-entering things from a hard copy I had.  I would fill in an event, but when I clicked on "save" - it wouldn't do it!  Northing appeared on the calendar.  I kept trying different things and finally, for whatever reason, I got it to work.   Not only that, I got the whole calendar back!!!  The other thing is President's iPhone - when he is here, for no reason, whether the phone is in his pocket or just on the desk, it will ring my land-line!!  Haven't solved that one yet!  It's  -  Pheew!

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