Saturday, 4 August 2012

Tues. July 31st 2012

Another "Meeting Day" and surprise, surprise - we had a gorgeous cool day - the temperature only got to 31C!!!!!!  Whoever would have thought we'd get excited about a 31C temperature?   The food was great today.  Sis. Freestone made a Chicken Noodle salad which had some very different (but nice) spices and greens in it, and others brought  fruit, apple squares, ice-cream and french bread - Yum!   In addition to that, Pres. F. arrived early in the day with two boxes of fancy croissants!  The tradition continues - "it takes 10 to have a meeting - one to conduct - one to take the minutes and 8 to do the food!"   Later, Pres. F. help me clean out a huge batch of files.   I had already gone through them, but there was a lot of stuff  that I didn't know if we should keep or not.  He was a whiz!  -  no faltering with him - a quick look  - a quick decision  - and it was gone and done!  I loved it!

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