Friday, 24 August 2012

Wed. August 22nd 2012

Sis. Freestone called early - the couples are getting together at the Mission Home again on Friday night and we all bring something towards the supper.  She asked us to do a veg. so we'll do carrots julienne.  President came over later to do a label.  An hour later, he still hadn't been able to accomplish it.  First, the computer acted up and when he finally got the label ready to print, that wouldn't work.  He was fit to be tied!  He questioned us as to how often we run into these kind of problems with the computer and printer and upon learning the answer was "All the time!"  he took action.  We have often bemoaned the many hours we have lost because of these problems, but we thought it was just part of the job.  Apparently not, and we might get some help with some better equipment - either repaired or new.  One of the other couples needed kiwis and strawberries for their dessert for Friday night and couldn't find any in their area.  We knew our store had them and offered to pick them up.  As we were leaving Maria (our landlady) appeared and asked if she could come with  us.  It is really fun and interesting to go shopping with her  -  she's such a happy soul, she's always on the go and you can learn such a lot from her.  We continue to have trouble with the church's finance program.  Brent tried to pay the rents for the missionary apartments and they were rejected.  Just about every week they are down for short periods, doing fixes and upgrades - however, they got it sorted out quickly for him.  We couldn't think what to have for supper tonight and I said, jokingly, how about sardines?  Brent went for it!!!

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