Sunday, 2 September 2012

Fri. August 31st 2012

Brent was busy - getting the mail and then taking a large box to DHL that had to go to the States.  That kept him busy a good part of the morning!  Elder Mower has been helping me find solutions to allowing selective people to see the mission calendar - so we had another session today trying to work this out.  We would get to the point where we thought we had it fixed and then, someone would point out that the whole world could now see our calendar!!  The problem arises with the interpretation of what google names actions.  We think now that "public" means, that it is only "public" to all on our selected list.  We'll assume that and see what happens!!!  It's crazy!  Some of our elders from England are supposed to have documentation proving that they are registered under their health plan and they didn't bring that with them when they came, so we've been trying to rectify that.  One of the elder's mom told us that her son's wallet was stolen (Health Ins. card included) and when they went to replace that card, they were told that it isn't being done anymore that all you need are your health care numbers. They did say they would be willing to provide a covering letter to confirm his insurance number, but that the elder in question would have to phone them directly himself!!!   Never a dull moment!

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