Saturday, 15 September 2012

Fri. Sept. 14th 2012

The usual Friday tasks  -  shopping and preparing a talk for Sunday etc. etc. It would seem that Jani & Rich are currently on their way to visit us.  The last e-mail we had was about 15 hours ago and they are flying "stand-by" so we're not sure when they will actually arrive in Athens.  We did some shopping at "Super 8" (as we English speaking call it).  It is a store that caters to international clientele and we were looking for Graham Crumbs, but were unable to find them.  We did, however, find some A&W Root Beer and some Canada Dry Ginger Ale - although we are not sure that it is Canada Dry, because it also has a Schwepps label on it - Brent thinks Canada Dry are the bottlers in this case.  We'll see when we open it!  Lauryn skyped before she went to school that the temperature in Calgary is supposed to be 31C. today.  That's pretty warm for September and they've already had one frost.  That sets the leaves up to turn yellow about the 3td week of September usually  -  send pictures please guys!!  Our young sisters called from Limissol  -  they have a new Estonian member lady that they are trying to teach the "after baptism" lessons to, but she speak so little English that she is not getting the gist of these lessons.  The sisters wondered if we could set up a way to have an Estonian member/missionary teach her on Skype?  We'll see what Pres. F. says.

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