Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Fri. Sept. 21st 2012

Well  - after Maria's cleaning girl telling us that Kristina was coming to clean today, Lucy phoned to say Kristina is NOT coming today, but she, Lucy, will come tomorrow!!!  EEEEeeek!  The Mowers flew home today - we are going to miss them sorely.  Greciano and Baret flew in from Cyprus today as they return home on Monday.  They had their traditional final interviews with President and then a special lunch at the Mission Home.    After a lovely afternoon, they returned here with instructions to clean up the basement apartment and have it nice and clean for the new missionaries that are coming.  I felt kind of bad that these two, with about two and a half days before they go home were told to do this kind of a job, but President is always worried about missionaries having too much idle time.  They were kind of dismayed, but after a bit of grumbling they did some of the jobs on the list!   Our computer man came this afternoon and completely overhauled the one computer that hasn't been working well - especially the lack of internet - so it's great to have it available again.

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