Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Mon. Sept. 10th 2012

Today marks 11 months since we went into the MTC and 7 months until our release date!  When we were over at Elks yesterday, some mosquitos got in their house and everyone is paranoid about getting West Nile virus - there are 46 confirmed cases and three deaths - so Sis. E. produced some "kill-em quick"  spray that had a pretty strong odor and both Brent and I woke up with major headaches this morning!!  We received a call from President (who was returning from Rhodes) saying that they hadn't boarded their plane yet and thought they would be late - so we adjusted our time accordingly to get to the airport.  We were halfway there and President was calling again  -  they had landed and got their luggage already and were waiting!! Oh well!

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