Friday, 21 September 2012

Mon. Sept. 17th 2012

Brent and I went out to the airport to pick up Pres. & Sis. Freestone and they came to the MO and met Jani & Rich and had a short little visit.  Next, we took Jani and Rich to the Acropolis.  We decided to take a cab to save Brent the hassle of negotiating  the traffic down there and it was a good thing as the traffic turned out to be unbelievably horrid.  He absolutely hates driving down there. It was a beautiful morning, but by the time we made it up on the Acropolis, our "beautiful day" had turned into a very hot day!!  For me, it was really uncomfortable - but the others were OK.  They were quite taken with the beauty of the old ruins which workmen are still restoring to their former excellence.  We wandered around, chatting to different people, looking for any shade that we could find and enjoying the views from up there.  When we made it down from there, we made a swift beeline for the "Arcadian" restaurant (which we have been to before and like very much).  We were so hot and exhausted we just sat for a while, drinking water and cooling down.  For lunch we had Mousaka - which we'd had before and liked their recipe very much.  Jani really liked it too.  When we got home it began to thunder and lightning and our rain.  Jani & Rich checked the KLM website and found that their luggage was their, so they took off with Dad to get it.  It was an interesting drive with flooding in some areas and man-hole cover popping off!  While they were doing that, I attempted to make two cake for the Zone Conf. meeting tomorrow - at least Ithought I was making two chocolate cakes, but when I was stirring the 2nd cake mix I found that the mix was too thin.  I went over the ingredients again and again, but everything I had done seemed to be correct.  It wasn't until I went to throw one of the boxes in the garbage that I noticed that it said "brownie" mix!!!  All the ingredients were the same - just the quantities were different - so I opened another brownie mix and added half of it to my watery mix and it felt about right, so I baked it - iced it and hope that it will be OK!!  We'll find out tomorrow!

Jani & Rich and us.  It was so hot and sooo bright!

IMG 8646

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