Friday, 28 September 2012

Mon. Sept. 24th 2012

Pres. came by at 6am to take Baret and Greciano to the airport who are now going home after serving excellent missions.  Around 8am, Sis. Rumbach called - she was having trouble checking in at the Larnaca, Cyprus airport to fly over here - they had no record of her ticket!  I realized that her ticket was one of the original ones that had to be changed. Previously,  she had a ticket to fly from Larnaca to Athens and was going to be assigned here, but Pres. changed his plan which meant that she needed a return ticket to Larnaca after attending the training meeting. After considering what could have gone wrong, I guessed that when I asked for a return ticket, they thought that we didn't need the flight over here and cancelled that one!!!  You have to be very careful how you word your requests.  Anyway, she was able to buy a ticket herself at the airport and it all worked out in the end so she was able to fly over with the rest of the group.  Their plane came in about 10am and so the Assts in their vehicle and Brent & I in our vehicle were there to meet that flight and we transported the two sisters to the Mission Home.  Pres. & Sis. F. were putting up five sisters, while we had eleven elders here at the Mission Office!  Later, when the Assts. had all the missionaries in tow, going to Acropoli centre, Brent & I met the Elks (it was also Preparation Day) and we decided to explore Kifissia centre which is a trendy part of Kifissia.  It was fairly hot, but there was lots of shady trees and we walked and walked and walked - looking at smallish boutique type stores - many of them bearing top fashion names - nothing that we would want to wear though.  You marveled as you looked at these obviously expensive fashions, how they would keep afloat with the economy being what it is in Greece!!  It was fun to see though.  We thought we would find an "eatery" and sit outside to eat our supper, but nothing really appealed and so we went home and ordered in "Noodle Bar"  which is the closest thing to Chinese that we have tried (it's probably closer to Thai) but it's really nice.  It was the first time that Elks had tried it and they loved it.  Later, Pres. came over to meet with this "golden" investigator - he is Greek and is so anxious to embrace the Gospel that it is amazing - especially since he is Greek.  Greek people have a lot of problems with their families ostracizing them if they join the Church and in the work place, some have been known to be fired after they join.

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