Saturday, 15 September 2012

Sat. Sept. 15th 2012

The Assts. were up here again to work on their street map project.  We had to pick up cartridges for the new printer and so we did that on the way to the baptism  this afternoon.  We were surprised that the indicator showed that we were already low on the black cartridge and the computer guy told us that when they send out a new new printer, the cartridges are only half full because when the printers were sold with full cartridges, people would steal the printers during transit and rip the cartridges out as they were worth more than the printer itself!!   At the baptism, we were sitting there, totally unaware that Jani & Rich, at that very moment,were  already at the Athens airport - a day earlier than we had figured.  We came home from the baptism - stopped at the deli again and gassed up the car on the way and opened the door to the phone ringing and multi messages on my laptop from Brenda and Jani.  The phone ringing was Brenda telling us  -  THEY'RE THERE!!!   (It was sooo nice to hear Bunt's voice on our phone - she seemed closer).  We raced to the airport and found them - poor kids.  They had been considering that they take the bus and maybe get a hotel, but then Bunt sent them a text that we were on our way - so it all worked out OK.  The bad part was, that their luggage didn't make it with them and after enquiring learned that they didn't even know where it was at that point!!  They were so glad to get here to the mission office and have a place to go to sleep - they were really tired - but we did have a snack and a visit before they crashed.  It was absolutely wonderful to be together with them.

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