Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sat. Sept. 1st 2012

Sad day!  We received news early this morning that Bren't cousin fell off a ladder and broke his neck and died instantly.  We think he was around 65 and was one of the best guys ever.  We'll miss him terribly.  Most of my morning was taken up fighting to get the Book of Mormon order to "submit" and go to Salt Lake.  I have been having this problem for months now and had talked to someone at the help desk  He said he would pass the query on to the people who work with that program - that's was about 2 months ago. Three days ago, I finally received notification that my problem has been recorded and is going to yet "some other people" who will be working on it as a "Future Enhancement"  and I will be informed when the application has been up-dated  -  via "release notes"  whatever that means!  All I want is for a person to tell me what went wrong and that they have fixed it!!!  So! to get my order "submitted" I decided to press the submit button every 15 minutes!!!!!  after about two and a half hours, all of a sudden, it went!!  -  but, what a waste of time1  The frustration with that set me up for the rest of the day it seems, because I kept making mistake after mistake.  Moral of the story - Don't let things get to you!  Another problem arose when I went into the program where you work on credit card transactions and statements.  When I brought that up, it had some other account on it - it looked like stuff from one of the Area Offices in Germany!!!  Couldn't make that go away, so I'll have to call their help desk on Monday.  Of course, there is a great possibility that by Monday, my a/c will be there then and I won't have to bother!!  We had a baptism later - a nice young man (23) from Afghanistan.  Both his parents were killed.  What a tragedy.

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