Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Sat. Sept. 22nd 2012

Our doorbell rang at 7:30 this morning and there were the Elks with Neville and Baake!  They needed the big van to move furniture into the new apartment for the sisters.  A bit later, much to our delight, our substitute cleaning girl, Lucy, came.  It is great that she came as we have ten new missionaries coming and about 20 current missionaries gathering who are involved in transfers - the place needed a good clean - it's been two weeks since it was done last.  We had a Spanish lady (from Peru) baptized today.  The boiler that heats the water for the font had broken and the water was really cold - poor Inez just about had a heart attack - but she did well in spite of it.  Later, we had our traditional "going home" testimony meeting on Mars Hill for Baret and Greciano.  We normally have it on Sunday, but because of a Muslim demonstration scheduled for tomorrow in front of the US Embassy, we did it tonight.  The weather was really nice - it was sunset as we were there and when we came back down, the Parthenon on top of the Acropolis was all lit up and it was stunning.  As we made our way back along the promenade, there were tons of people, strolling, sitting and generally enjoying the soft warm air.  There was also a fun little "train" that goes  along the promenade from where it begins to the entrance area of the Acropolis.  The whole area had such a festive feeling!  As we headed home, President called - he was hungry AND it was his birthday!!!  So we finished up going to "3 Pigs."  By then it was about 9pm and we have not been there that late a night before and it was packed!  Greek people tend to eat their supper meal around 9pm!!  We had fun though.

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