Monday, 10 September 2012

Sat. Sept. 8th 2012

We took Maria with us to do our grocery shopping - it's her last time - she goes home tomorrow.  We were grateful the the cleaning girl came today as we are going to be having a lot of traffic going through our mission office in the next while.  Later, we made "one-pot-pasta" and salad before we went to the airport to pick up the Colemans, so it would be ready when we got back.  Good thing too, because we didn't get back until nearly 7pm.  They are really nice folk and even though they had a reasonably short journey from the UK, they still looked a bit stunned when they arrived here.  Elder Elks is now a Counsellor in the Mission Presidency and he and Sis. E. also - went to meet and greet the Colemans representing Pres. F. as he was in Rhodes.   Everyone came back to the mission office for supper.  We had a lovely relaxed evening of "getting to know them!"

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  1. The Coleman's are good friends of ours from our Stake! We were so excited when they got their call, we know they will be great missionaries and we hope they get to see our Elder, and give him a big from us, at some point! Thank you for welcoming them and helping them to settle in.
    Karen Nicholls