Sunday, 16 September 2012

Sun. Sept. 16th 2012

Brent and I had to speak at Sacrament meeting at Halandri - so we left Jani & Rich sleeping.  We came back after Sacrament meeting in the hopes that we could just go straight to the airport to get their lost luggage.  No such luck!  -  in fact, they still hadn't located it!  About an for or so later we got the phone call we'd been waiting for  -  the luggage was found and it would be at the Athens airport at 4:20 pm Monday.  That was a big relief  -  they would not have been allowed to go into the dinning room on the cruise ship without their "dress" clothes.  After a late lunch, we drove up onto Pentellis mountain which is just behind the area that we live in.  We hiked around there a bit and took photos.  Jani & Rich were fascinated with all the marble there.  It is known for its quality marble.  Then we drove up higher and there, the view was incredible, although somewhat smoggy.  We also found a little monastery nestled back in those mountains.  After that, we went for supper at "Three Pigs."    It was very good as usual and Rich & Jani enjoy the Greek food.  The owners are wonderful people and were so happy to meet Rich & Jani  -  they make you feel like family.

So, here we are on Pentellis mountain, and the following one is the little monastery we found up there  -

IMG 1219


IMG 1222




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