Monday, 10 September 2012

Sun. Sept. 9th 2012

It was "pot-luck" lunch at our branch today, so Brent & I made Sweet & Sour meatballs and rice to take, along with chips and juices.  Meetings were good - there were actually 35 people in attendance today.  Things are looking up!.  Pot-luck was yummy - lots of variety this time too.  After that, Brent and I and the Colmans went over to the Elks for the afternoon as the Mowers (whose place the Colmans are taking) are not available until 6:30 pm.  We did some more serious visiting along with a few laughs - had a snack about 5pm and then the Elks took the Colmans down to the Mowers.  We felt empathy for the Colmans - we all remember well those first couple of weeks - wondering what we had got ourselves into - but we also know that it will get better for them.

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