Friday, 14 September 2012

Thurs. Sept. 14th 2012

This morning, we were nervous about the new WiFi.  When our computer guy left last night it was all up and running  -  however, this morning, it was dead!  Brent had to take Pres. & Sis. F. to the airport early and so when he got back, the WiFi was working!!!  Our computer guy had told us that for the next 24 hours, computer technicians in the U.S. and/or Germany would be working on our WiFi from their end - so we were't surprised that it was down - but it's been good ever since so we think it will be OK now.  About three weeks ago the Assts. borrowed the "dolly" to help a member with her moving and were supposed to have it back in three days!  They keep promising to return it and we issued the ultimatum last night to have it back here by 9:30am.  We had a shipment of 138 kilos coming today and REALLY needed it.  They didn't get it here until 10:30, but fortunately the delivery didn't happen until 11:30, so it all worked out.  The Assts. stayed here working on another project for the new missionaries coming on the 25th.  They made huge street maps of the areas that the new ones will be working in.

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