Saturday, 8 September 2012

Thurs. Sept. 6th 2012

When I looked on the balcony for the dove (we were told it is a dove) this morning, I couldn't see him - so I told Brent he had gone.  When Brent stood there looking all around, he noticed a movement between the columns and sure enough, he was still there peeking out onto the entrance walk - looking fidgety like he was going to fly. The basement here is at ground level, so our balcony is at second story height - it overlooks the entrance walk which is lined with plants and trees, some growing in the ground and a lot are in huge pots on pedestals - some are  palms that look like huge pineapples.  As Brent was watching, he took off down into the growth there and ended up on the rim of one of these huge pots.  He just kept walking around the edge of that pot and I'd check on him every once in a while to see if he was still there and after about an hour, he was gone.  It was a happy/sad thing as we had grown to really like that little bird, but glad that he was back in his own environment.  Brent made a fruitless trip down to the electric company to finalize some payment so that we could close an old apartment - only to find that they needed more forms and the stamp to do that - so he had to go back again - BUT - the stamp, being in a box about 2x2x6 doesn't fit into a satchel very well and he wondered if we had anything to carry it in that would go over his shoulder?.  My "MEC" (Mountain Equipment Coop) bag came to mind - so off he goes with that over his shoulder and the "holy stamp" safely inside!!!  Mike called tonight to tell us that he broke his ankle - poor guy has had "his wings clipped"  for a while.

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