Sunday, 23 September 2012

Wed. Sept. 19th 2012

We planed to take Jani & Rich to the Plaka this morning and since Pres. And Sis. F. were going down, we hitched a ride with them.  Brent had a previous appointment - setting up with the electric company a new a/c for a new apartment that we have just leased - so he didn't come with us.  We spent a leisurely time checking out the wee little shops which offer a lot of the same stuff.  It was fun looking at everything.  Jani found a shop that sells "Pandora" beads for the Pandora bracelet that she has and found a nice one to add to her bracelet.  After a couples of hours of that we got a cab home.  The cab we chose was a nice, clean, new looking Toyota, with a pleasant neat looking lady driver. She was parked in a spot where, ideally, she needed to back out to get to the main road.  The alternative was to squeeze around a small garden area on not much more than a path to get out.  A dilapidated, dirty cab with an unshaven grubby driver boxed her in and when asked to move - he wouldn't!  There was a bit of yelling at each other and then she took the narrow path to come around onto the road.  As she got onto the road, she told us she was going to use some not nice words and apologized, and then proceeded to let loose with a string of Greek which we assume was not very complimentary!  There were a bunch of guys sitting at the side of the road and the look on their faces was priceless - they looked stunned!  Later, we took Jani & Rich to the airport in good time for their flight to Venice, so we had some more visiting time with them before they left.  After a couple of days in Venice, they'll be on a cruise ship doing ports and islands in the Adriatic, arriving in Athens for one day on the 29th which will be great.

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