Sunday, 14 October 2012

Fri. Oct. 12th 2012

When Brent went for the mail this morning,he found that my supplement had arrived - I'm saved again - for which I am very grateful.  The problem continues regarding money needed for Cyprus and Brent is really stressed about it.  He is the person in charge of having funds available for mission business and unfortunately some large unexpected expenses have hit all at the same time - including this one rude man from Cyprus who only submitted his bill Wed. and has been yelling on the phone ever since for his money!.  He doesn't seem to understand that it takes up to three/four days to transfer money to the bank over there.  Not fun!  I finally got the "help desk" to enable us to get the web site regarding strikes in Greece.  Ever since the new firewall went in we have not been able to get it along with a lot of other stuff that we regularly referred to for information - but that was an important one for us to have so all is good there.

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