Sunday, 21 October 2012

Fri. Oct 19th 2012

Lots of mail this morning - including the 2nd package of my supplements, so now we know that it generally takes one month for the product to get here which should help with getting futures orders on time 😀   Brent was out most of the afternoon going through the hoops in order to pick up the repaired van.  Another example of how things are done here  where the customer has to go the garage and get a paper and take it to the Insurance company, who signs the paper which gives the garage the OK to release the van to the customer!!!  Later, Brent & I had to deliver some stuff to one of our branch members to a place that Brent had not been to before!  When that happens, rather than go through the stress of finding the place and then trying to find parking, we take a cab.  That's what we did - and it was such a hoot.  The driver was Greek, but had lived in Canada and in London (even drove taxi in London) so his English was fairly good and he shared his feelings about Greece, the land and the people and the politics and even some of WW11!!!!  He told us that he had learned in London to be a courteous driver, but that doesn't work here because they are terrible drivers and so rude!!!'  He  took us through areas that were very new to us and it was interesting, but really, just the same as we had seen elsewhere - very densely populated side by side buildings with no green spaces.  It was not far from "the Center" but when you get a lot further out from there, the homes (even though they "single family dwellings" for the most part they are two to three stories high) but , they have gardens and trees around them and you feel like you can breath!  It was a nice little diversion.


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