Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Fri. Sept. 28th 2012

Was commandeered to do one of the jobs I loathe to do today - that of changing flights.  Pres. F. needed to move three flights from one week to the next - yes, it was only three flights, but when I call in to do it, the English speaking Greek girl's accent is so heavy and she speaks so fast (even in English) that I often have to have her repeat things and I find that embarrassing and difficult.  A few times in the past I have missed key points in the process which can be very expensive - fortunately I have not lost any money that way yet!!  The Colliers arrived this afternoon after a 6 hour drive down from Thessaloniki.  Elder Collier had knee surgery some months back and this was his first attempt at such a long drive and we were concerned about his knee standing up to the task, but even though he was tired he said it was OK.  We were going to take them out to dinner, but when we considered our choices of the few places we knew, we decided to just cook at home.  The Assts. have been staying here for most of the week because of the changes going on, but decided to go back to their own apartment tonight.  They had moved into this apartment about two weeks ago and had picked up a bunch of keys, which they assumed had a front door key on it.  No - it did not - so they called us in hopes that we had a spare key.  We didn't -so back they came to sleep another night up here and would try in the morning to get a key smith.  An expensive lesson as I understand they charge around 40 euros for that service!

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