Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Mon. Oct. 15th 2012

Assts. came up early to work on the presentation for the training meeting tomorrow.  I had lots of e-mail to attend to today.  Also, there was problem with the bikes in Cyprus.  Apparently, the bikes are in bad shape, most of them in need of repair, which is costly, and two of them were stolen.  The budget for the bikes doesn't begin to cover what is required and there is a new policy that will be implemented where the missionary will be responsible for any damage incurred to the bike!  We are in a lovely period of weather where the days are nice and warm (not hot) and the evenings are cool - however - the humidity is up, but it's bearable.  Brent and I worked on Shepherds Pie to serve 24 people at the meeting tomorrow.

The pomegranates are just about ripe -

IMG 1254

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