Saturday, 27 October 2012

Mon. Oct. 22nd 2012

It is one year today from when we first set foot in Athens!!  which makes it less than 6 months until our release date.  Today is the beginning of the Greece Athens Mission Couples' Conference - which also takes in the Cyprus couples (four couples, three of which we have never met, only talk to on the phone).  Bent went to the airport with the van, and President went with the "7-seater" to pick up the Cyprus couples.  We were all to meet at the Mission Home for lunch and our contribution was, deviled eggs, carrot and cucumber sticks, little dill pickles and pickled beets - this was to accompany buns and cold cuts and a salad.  It was great fun to meet the Cyprus couples and after lunch, we had an introductory time where each person was given a few minutes to tell about themselves - it was interesting and fun.  Following that, there were four presentation - two of them were on the serious side and very interesting and the other two were also interesting, but very entertaining and fun.  Then we went to "3 Pigs" in the rain!! and a good time was had by all there.

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