Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Sat. Oct 13th 2012

We were thrilled to have our cleaning girl, Kristina, return to us today after being back in her native Poland for three months.  Nobody was sure that she was going to come back and trying to communicate with Lucy and Anna about it gets you nowhere - they are Polish girls who speak Greek - so it was a lovely surprise and she brought chocolates for us too.  She cleans faster and better than the others, so it is great that she's back.  It was Harry's baptism today and the Assts. were going in top gear, trying to get everything done for it and also preparing for the training meeting next Tuesday.  They went and filled the baptismal font - which takes a couple of hours and even bought some goodies to go towards the snacks right after the baptism.  Brent & I also did up carrots and cucumbers "sticks,"  some diced cheese and some little cheese puffs that you bake in the over.  A lot of people were in attendance for the baptism.  Harry is a unusual type of Greek convert in that he has great leadership talents.  So the baptism went beautifully and the eats after were a success.

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