Sunday, 21 October 2012

Sat. Oct. 20th 2012

We picked up Pres. & Sis. F. from the airport this afternoon and they told us that yesterday, they had trouble getting into Greece at Thessaloniki coming from Cyprus, because their residency permit is in the process of renewal.   He said that for a little while he was wondering if he would have to have Elder C. fill in for him!!!  Very funny!  Anyway, they were able to reach our lawyer and she explained to the officer what was what and it all worked out.  But, holding up the line at customs in Greece is not something you want to be the cause of, as the people just let loose with how they feel about having to wait!!  Not a pleasant experience!  It was one of those beautiful clear days here today.

We had a strong wind which blew all the smog away and you could see for miles & miles - so Brent went up onto the roof and the following is what he saw  -

IMG 1263

The view from another direction

IMG 1264

This one is looking about 30 km to the sea.  You can get perspective by looking at the ship which is just left othe tall building -

IMG 1266

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