Monday, 8 October 2012

Sat. Oct. 6th 2012

Groceries cost 150 euros today because we have had lots of folk to feed this last while!  I am still trying to catch up on my tasks - I am beginning to wonder if that is always going to be the case!  We went with Pres. & Sis. F. to a baptism this afternoon.  We usually take some snack-type food for eats and drinks after the baptism and Pres. needed to pick up some cookies.  He stopped at Max Perry's which I thought just sold chocolates - but they also sell cookies!!  Ever since we got here, we have been passing that store and I keep wondering how good their chocolates are!! - but because it is in such bad place to try and park, Brent has not been willing to stop there.  So - at last I got  a quick "look-see" - and I did see some "real" chocolates, but we were in a bit of a rush and will have to go again to check it all out properly - especially since "our" favorite chocolate store "Leonidas" has finally shut down after not being open for business for about two months - but, never fear, there is still a Leonidas at the airport so we'll survive!  We have been noticing a lot of different bird calls lately - very pretty songs - so I wonder if there are birds on a migrating lane through here??  We watch the Sat. morning session of General Conference at 7pm our time.  We were astounded with Pres. Monson's announcement that young elders may now go on a mission at age 18 and that young sisters may go at age 19.  That is terrific news.

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