Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Sat. Sept. 29th 2012

Colliers went with Pres. F. down to the Acropoli building for their meetings.  Pres. also took the car we drive - the Cosair - because it is small and easier to park which left us with the Saphira - it is awful to drive - it is an automatic that drives and shifts like a manual!!  but, it's wheels go around and that's what counts!  Meanwhile, Jani & Rich had docked and were making their way up here in a cab - which Brent intended to pay for because he was loathe to drive about 30km. to an area which he didn't know.  It worked out well - they arrived without fuss and it only cost 38 euros.  Once again, it was absolutely super to see them and what a story they had to tell about their wonderful adventures in Venice and on the cruise to the ports and islands in the Adriatic.  They also brought a a beautiful set - letter opener and magnifying glass  - made of Venetian glass.  It's gorgeous - almost antique looking.  We talked and talked and viewed lots of their photos and then settled down to try and find out about their reservation for a "stand by" ticket to Amsterdam.  They had a request in for the 5:20 flight, but that is not a booking and we were not getting anywhere with it on-line or on the phone - so we had a bite of lunch and worked with their baggage to get the weight distributed more evenly and went on out to the airport to work out their flight arrangements there.  They asked at the counter - showing them their reservation request - and were told to report the wicket #65 at 4:30pm - about 45 min. wait.  Close to 4:30 we went to that wicket and there was already another couple there.  You take a big chance when you try to fly stand by and when Jani saw the other couple, she whispered to me that if they were KLM staff, they would have priority over her and Rich.  Great! - but we didn't know if they were KLM staff!!  4:30 came and went and all the staff were swamped trying to get ticket holders processed - our girl included - so that we finished up waiting another 45 minutes before anything much happened.  We notice "our girl" was having some difficulty with two men - come to find out they had tickets and were about the last passengers to check in only to find that the plane had been over-booked and they had no seats left for these two men.  They were not happy and that kind of put an end to Jani's hopes of getting on that flight.  The next thing was, they told those of us who where waiting to get on the flight that there were two "jump seats" (seats that the flight crew use when taking off or landing) available - and - you guessed it -the two in front of Jani & Rich were KLM staff.  So! "back to the drawing board."  Next thing to do was to go to the desk where they try to help you get another flight - they couldn't help us much in the time constraints that had to work with so we went downstairs to the travel agent and Jani & Rich finished up paying for tickets to get to Amsterdam via Rome.  We went back home to get an "early" night and be up at 3:45am to go back to the airport!!

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