Saturday, 27 October 2012

Sun. Oct. 21st 2012

We went down to Athens 1st Branch and gave our talks!  Being as it is the Greek branch, to give your talk, you have an interpreter standing beside you and you deliver a sentence or whatever you think is manageable to the interpreter.  I felt this method really messed up the flow of what I was trying to present - one hopes that the audience will make up for the disadvantages of hearing it that way.  After that meeting, we left and went over to Halandri Branch.  It was their Branch Conference and usually the talks at branch conferences are top-notch and they didn't disappoint this time  - they were excellent.  Came back home and spent the rest of the afternoon  tidying up and preparing for the Collier's arrival this evening - they were driving down from Thessaloniki (6 hours).  The weather had turned dark, cold and threatening - so we made a large pot of soup which seemed appropriate.  They arrived about 8 pm and we shared the soup and had a good "gab-fest!"

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