Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Sun. Sept. 30th 2012

Up at 3:45am!!  Got to the airport by 5 am - just as well too, as the line up was already huge.  We stayed with Jani & Rich until they were checked in and had their boarding passes - didn't want the risk of anything going wrong for them as this stage.  With that accomplished we said our goodbyes again - that's the really hard part - but the great memory of their visit somewhat compensates.  Church was anticlimactic after that, but the "special" investigator was there with his two darling little ones - 18 months and 3 yrs old.  RS was a special meeting today.  They had a presentation with four sisters taking the roles of former General RS Presidents - telling some of the spiritual experiences they had during their term of service. Following that we had a little lunch.  It was all very nice.  Frosts invited us to dinner and that was fun.  Alyson(mom) is about Brenda's age and they have four children also.  It was kind of like being at home - almost!

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