Monday, 8 October 2012

Sun.Oct. 7th 2012

It's Thanksgiving weekend in Canada!  Oh - I can almost taste the pumpkin pie!!!  Sis. F. called us for a ride to Halandri Branch because Pres. F.  had to go down to Acropoli and he was going to be staying there all day in meetings etc. until around 7pm - that was too much for her so we took her with us.  About halfway to Halandri, Pres. called to say he was stuck - the roads were barricaded !  So we wondered if we were going to see him arrive at Halandri later.  Then he called again, still trying to find a way around the blockage and said that it was because of a race - there were hundreds of people standing around in running gear with numbers on their shirts.  When we got to Halandri, some sisters pulled up from the Athens1st Branch who have morning meeting times also.  We tried to understand what they were saying to us, but couldn't make it out.  Then we saw the Assts. and they told us that as had been announced last week, the members from Athens 1st Branch were told to attend either Athens 2nd Branch or Halandri this Sunday because the whole Athens 1st Branch Presidency would be involved all of Saturday night and early Sunday morning translating into Greek the Conference sessions thus canceling Athens 1st meetings.  After trying several times to connect to Pres. F. with out success, I finally got through and learned he had made it to the Acropoli building OK and he did know about the cancelled meetings and was already involved with some other business  We brought Sis. F. home with us and we had dinner together here. We made up our meatball stew recipe - Potatoes, carrots, onions, garlic, zucchini, mushrooms in a Cream of Mushroom soup gravy and that went down OK.  We had a lovely visit with Sis. F. sharing stories.  We watched the Sunday morning session of General Conference and absolutely loved Pres. Eyring's and Elder Holland's talks.

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