Sunday, 14 October 2012

Thurs. Oct. 11th 2012

Brenda e-mailed this morning telling us how nice their shift was at the temple open-house was this time - they were warm and inside.  They saw a lot of Gord & Karen who were in the same area - and Brenda was also working alongside a sister named McBride.  She asked Brenda if we knew the Maxwells who are in our mission.  They are friends from Ireland!!!  I phoned Maxwells and shared that news and they were delighted to hear about their friends there.  It's a small world.  Pres. came over  - an important e-mail came that he and the Assts. needed to respond to together.   Brent & I left them to it - we went to get haircuts - and when we got back Pres. and the Assts. were still at it.  It's much cooler now and feels a little more  conducive to work - good thing too -there's lots to do - among which today was, fixing up cell phones and checking out new ones.  We made soup for lunch and Brent had made a banana loaf which was very welcome.

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