Friday, 19 October 2012

Thurs. Oct 18th 2012

Today, we understand, is a national strike here in Greece. Transportation seems to be affect at different times, including the airport.  It is very fortunate that President and company flew out last night!!  Brent & I went out to do a bit of shopping and everything seemed normal.  President has been having trouble with his phone - it rings people when he isn't instigating the call!!  It has the "touch-screen" and so he got a new phone with buttons instead and a spot for two SIM cards.  The procedure to get it working seems simple, but it turned out to be a pain.  First off, the SIM card in his old iPhone is smaller than what fits into his new phone, so I gave him a new card and he departs for Cyprus expecting that I would have the phone company activated today.  The phone company called to say it was done  and ready to go.  I tried to call Pres. to tell him that - BUT - I got a strange voice speaking Greek.  It took hours of calling the phone company and TRYING to explain the problem and they trying to make sure I had given them the right numbers and that the card was in the phone and then, me trying to reach President to confirm all this.  I asked the man at the phone company (Georgios) to call the number and tell me who the person on the other end was - come to find out, it was an Albanian man and Georgios seemed surprised - anyway, I finally got through on the Assts' phone and learned that Pres. did not have the new SIM card in the new phone, and he was trying to down load the information from his old card (which wasn't working because it was too small).  Pres. got the right card in the right phone and it all worked after that.  So I had to call Georgios and tell him it was our fault after all!!   😞

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