Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Thurs. Sept. 27th 2012

The new missionaries, having had their training meeting today are dispersing to their assigned areas today.  Six went to Cyprus and we drove some of them to the airport.  We had to purchase 6 of those big bottles of water today - the kind that fit on the water dispenser.  The temperatures have been so warm the last couple of days (31C. to 36C.) that they have finished off two bottles in two days!!  The office was busy again today - Pres. had a mission presidency meeting and that meant that their wives were here also "hanging out" during the meeting - they are always fun to be with.  We haven't had a "quiet day" since last Wednesday and we have to plan carefully to fit everything in before the Colliers come down from Thess tomorrow and Jani & Rich arrive on Saturday morning early.

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