Saturday, 27 October 2012

Tues. Oct. 23rd 2012

The Couple's Conference continues - we were supposed to go up on Mars Hill for a meeting, but it had been raining and the rocks are slippery and lethal when they are wet.  My knees were hurting as well, so Brent & I didn't go up, but stayed in the lounge at the Young Adult Centre.  We spent most of the morning there alone, except for two sets of missionaries that came in to get their mail.  Eventually the Colliers and Colemans came back and we all went to the Arcadian for lunch.  We had moussaka which is very good there.  It had stopped raining, but none of us wanted to go shopping, so we went back to the Acropoli building.  Brent found a jig-saw puzzle and we helped him a bit between visiting.  The plan was to go back to the Mission Home for pizza night there.  We had our car, but President had to come back down to get the Cyprus couples.  We left about 4pm to get the car from the parking place that we rent and found that it was completely blocked in by another car - parked across the back of us and the two cars parked on either side of us!!! Brent was livid!  He and Elder Collier tried to move it, but it was in gear and the handbrake was on so it was impossible.  Fortunately, President called to see where we were and how things were going (not knowing about our plight) and so he got an ear-full!  He told us he would bring the other men that he was to pick up at the Acropoli bldg. and come and move the offending vehicle.  So, before long they all arrived on the scene and disappeared down to where the cars were.  Sis. Collier and I waited up top by the entrance.  A black sports car came into the parkade, went down and came back up almost immediately and parked in a little spot close to where we were standing. A guy and a girl got out and left.  Pretty soon, this guy came back and walked down the ramp to the cars.  (I thought that he must have seen our guys trying to move the car and was going down to lend a hand).  Within a couple of minutes another two young men came and went down to the cars.  We began to feel a bit nervous about things!! but it wasn't long before our guys appeared and said the car was freed.  It seems that the driver of the offending car parked across the back of our car because he thought it was his buddies' car and was told he could park there!!  Anyway, he moved it out of the way, but not before Brent let him know in no uncertain terms that he was not happy with what he had done.  I was really afraid of what Brent had said to him, but was assured by the other men that he didn't disgrace himself!!  So the rest of the evening was mild in comparison to the car incident, nevertheless, it was a lovely evening.

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