Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Tues. Oct. 9th 2012

We were not off to a very good start this morning!  First thing - Colemans called to say that Sis. Coleman was down with "the bug" (the same kind that Sis Elks had) so they would not be coming to meetings - then Sis. F. called to tell us that she had not slept well  and excused herself - so that reduced our numbers to nine.  Things began unfolding as usual with the Mission Presidency meeting first, followed by the Greek Class and then lunch.  Lunch was great - Sis. M. did Chicken San Remo with noodles and she had just enough spice in there to make it delicious.  We had garlic bread (warm), fruit and topped that off with real apple pie.  Brent thought he'd died and gone to heaven.  After lunch, Pres. F. was meeting with the Assts., when all of a sudden he took off like greased lightning, headed for the Mission Home!  Sis. F. was so surprised when he burst in - he was ashen and sweaty and NOT looking good.  He came down with "the bug" also!!!  Poor soul, he's just barely over the sinus/bronchial thing that he had.  Also - Sis. Elks, who is just getting over "the bug" has the beginnings of shingles!!!  The Elks had another "whammy" - they got news of the death of a former for-mate and friend in South Africa who crashed his car into a bridge abutment  in the rain - his wife is left with 10 children!  Lots of "sad" happenings today.

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