Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Tues. Sept. 25th 2012

Up and at it early - fed the Assts. who are also staying here - but upstairs, with us -  in preparation for the onslaught of the 10 new missionaries today.  Pres., the Assts. and Elder Clark all went to the airport in separate vehicles to get those missionaries, plus the piles of their luggage.  When they got here, their faces wore that familiar look  - stunned, glazed eyed - deer in the headlights look!!  Poor kids were so tired and they were not very used to the warm weather.  We took them in small group to do their check-in - mostly just getting their personal info' for their files.  While I had a group doing that, another group was over at the Mission Home having their personal interviews with Pres. F.   When all was processed, we went for the traditional welcome lunch at "Three Pigs"   It was nice, and in spite of being super tired they seemed to enjoy the food and had a fun time there.  After that the Assts. took them down to Acropoli Centre and they finished up fulfilling another tradition for new missionaries - going to Mars Hill for a little testimony meeting.  We didn't go for that part.

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