Thursday, 11 October 2012

Wed. Oct. 10th 2012

See that date??   Yes, we've been on our mission one year!  Six months to go!   It didn't really feel like it to me until I looked back on my blog and then it all started to come back to me and I was surprised at all the events I had forgotten - I'm sure glad I've been keeping this blog.  It seems like you can't keep a good man down as Pres. F. came over to finish his meeting with the Assts.  I went over the whole office with a bleach- rinsed rag before he came!!!  We don't want to catch that bug.  So while all of this was going on, I tried to do my work which is piling up again with elders calling in with orders and the like.  One of our young sisters goes home tomorrow and it's a bit different as she is the only one going home - usually there is a bunch leaving together.  Anyway, Pres. & Sis. F.  took her to lunch and then to do some shopping which is kind of a tradition when you are going home.  In the evening they brought her here so she could check her bags for weight - they were over!!  For about 45 mins. Pres. and Brent help her discard stuff - check the weight - discard some more stuff - check the weight - re-distribute belongings in the cases to make it even out a bit - then check the weight.  This time everything was good!!  They were so patient with her - I would not have been!  Then they took her back to the Mission Home to sleep there on her last night, making it easier to get her to the airport in the morning.  After they left, we got some food in for the Assts. after learning that they had not eaten since breakfast!!  They weren't going to tell us either.

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