Friday, 19 October 2012

Wed. Oct. 17th 2012

Had a little scare over some "missing" letters for some missionaries.  I distribute the mail which comes in for the missionaries and yesterday, I took some letters to that meeting for some of them.  Later on In the day I couldn't remember having given them out and I couldn't find them in my bag. So we had a worrisome evening, looking in cars and bags and purses and trying hard to trace my steps - no luck there.  This morning I had planned to call around to people that were there and see if anybody had seen them.  I thought I would start with the sisters just in case they had somehow received those letters in the interim - and thankfully they had!  The Assts. had seen the mail sitting on the desk at the meeting and gave them out after the meeting.  Whew!  Was I ever relieved!  Pres. & Sis. Freestone and the Assts. are headed for Cyprus this evening and so they were all here this afternoon preparing for that.  At one point Brent asked the elders, "Do you have your passports?"  Sheer panic crossed their faces as they realized that they didn't have them and they were back in their regular apartment, not here in the downstairs missionary apartment where they have been staying for th last week!!!  Fortunately they had enough time to get there and back.  Thank goodness for "Grandpa Clark checking up on the kids."  President would not have been happy if, as they set out for the airport, they announced that they didn't have them!!!

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