Wednesday, 3 October 2012

Wed. Oct 3rd 1012

The Elks and two elders were here early to get the van so they could move the furniture etc. into the new Ilion apartment.  In the afternoon we had a man come in to do preventative maintenance on the A/Cs.  That got a bit dicey when Brent saw how much "stuff" had collected on the fan blades of the unit in our office and the only action the man was taking at cleaning it off was to spray some cleaning liquid on the blades through the grill where the air comes out.  This liquid was something like "Fantastic" (what we use in Canada to spot clean greasy marks from walls and floors etc).  The difference was that we, having once sprayed a spot, would clean it off with a paper towel or rag - but - he would spray this stuff on the fan blades, through the grill and then wait for it to "soften up" a bit, then turn the unit on and expect the buildup of dirt to let loose and fly off.  It actually did fly off a bit - making a mess on Brent's desk - but  no where near getting the stuff completely off and clean.  I thought Brent was going to lose it with him.  Brent has worked on these units and taught students how to care for them for years and this was not up to his standards.  There was a little discussion and then the guy let Brent get in there with a bit of rag on the end of a stick and scrape the blades until clean!  When he was done, we turned the unit on and it was so much more efficient at moving the air through, we thought it was on "high."

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