Tuesday, 2 October 2012

Wed. Sept. 26th 2012

We made breakfast for the Assts. after which they helped me with the photos of the new missionaries that are to go up on the Mission Board.  Brent had taken their photos and when I printed them on the "hoopty-do new laser color printer" they came out very dark and muddy looking.  I tried changing settings on the printer and on the computer, but I wasn't able to produce good photos.  So the Assts. helped me with that - and we finished up having to send them to our little old HP Desktop and then they came out clear and the color was right.  So much for the color laser printer!!  All the new missionaries and their trainers went to the Halandri Chapel for an all-day training meeting.  Some of us were asked to help with the food for their lunch.  Brent & I had to do baked-potatoes.  The lunch consisted of Chili over baked potatoes, plus Greek salad and coleslaw and French bread - topped off with chocolates coated ice cream bars for dessert.  We came back to the office, but had to go back over later to help transport some of the missionaries back here - this help required because of a National Strike here in Greece today.  Things got out of hand down at the Acropoli building as demonstrators tried kicking in the glass doors and setting garbage bins out the front on fire.  Our new CES man, who was formerly a police inspector in the U.K. took care of everything - calmly closing the metal doors and sending everyone home.

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