Friday, 23 November 2012

Fri. Nov. 16th 2012

There were a lot of parcels at the post office this morning - Brent had to make two trips in from the car with them.  I managed to get my talk finished for Sunday before lunch and then spent a lot of the afternoon on the reconciling of receipts to the statement - it took ages as there were a lot of flight changes recently and they generated multiple receipts with only the booking reference to help you match them up.  Then one of the sisters called from Cyprus to ask if I could get her bag from the storage downstairs and call her back so I could tell her what is in her bag!!!!  Apparently the weather has turned cold over there and she is freezing.  Brent helped me dig out her bag and we told her what was in it so we could pick out what she wanted and send it over with Pres. F. next week.

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