Sunday, 11 November 2012

Fri. Nov. 9th 2012

Because of the strikes we had no mail until yesterday, but Brent went again today (which is one of the regular pick-up days) to get what was there.  It was a beautiful clear morning, but cold at 14C. - later it reached 19C.   Pres. F. asked us to go to the airport to pick up the Cyprus Nicosia District Pres. as he was occupied with meetings.  Pres. gave us the flight number and the arrival time.  We got there at the appropriate time, but there was no flight from Cyprus arriving at that time!!!  It was then that I realized I had left the office cell phone at the office - fortunately, Brent had his with him and we called President to ask what the flight number was (we had also left that at the office 😧 ).  Thus we learned that the arrival time for that flight was 19:45 - not 17:45!   Needless to say, we felt dumb because we should have check it all before we came.

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