Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Sat. Nov. 24th 2012

Busy day for us in the office - except Brent took "time off" to make some banana bread as the Assts. met with our special new member, Harry, here in the office and banana bread is a real favorite around here.  Elder Antonopoulos and the Assts. went over to Elder A's grandfather's  place for a meal.  Elder A. leaves on Monday morning and when missionaries leave they are given a bit of leeway to do things like this - especially since this grandpa was the one who contracted West Nile virus earlier this year and we just about lost him.  The whole mission was fasting and praying for him and unlike a lot who didn't recover (especially at his age) he made a remarkable recovery - the doctors were amazed.  They said the food was fantastic - even though it consisted of things reasonably strange to them - like fried octopus.

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