Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sat. Nov. 3rd 2012

A little girl, Anne, was baptized in our Branch today.  She had both her grandmas come here from Utah for it and there were more non-member friends of the family in attendance than there were members!   A lot of them were from Anne's school.  It was a lovely service and Anne had a very cute dress for her special day.  The family hired caterers for the occasion and the food was tremendous.  This is not the normal thing in the Church - but it allowed Anne's mom to really mingle and visit with all her non-member friends nicely.  We've had a couple of emails from our dear friends serving in Moscow, Russia, telling us about a youth group (sponsored by the government) demonstrating against the Mormon missionaries - basically saying that we are a sect and the missionaries are spies working for the CIA and the FBI and that they are trying to instill in the Russian people, civil society and democratic ideas!!  The missionaries were told to stay in their apartments that day.

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