Tuesday, 13 November 2012

Sun. Nov. 11th 2012

It was pot-luck at church today, so we got up a little earlier to make sweet & sour meatballs  and rice.  Elder Fingerle (Area 70) spoke  at Sacrament meeting and basically counseled  the Greek members how to handle the difficulties they are faced with here.  It was very comforting and informative - he is a great speaker  The President asked us to drive Elder Fingerle and President Kosifou to the airport as he was going to be in meetings when they had to leave, so that meant that we missed pot-luck at the Church!  Oh well!  we came home and made soup.  The Assts. came and spent most of the afternoon working on some inserts for the Books of Mormon that they hand out - also framing baptism pictures to go up on the Baptism board.  We watched an amazing performance of the Tabernacle Choir's special Remembrance Day rendition.  That's the nearest we got to recognizing Remembrance Day this year.

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