Saturday, 24 November 2012

Sun. Nov. 18th 2012

It happened suddenly that Brent was to ordain Yanni to the Melchizedeck Priesthood this morning.  Because we were speaking in the other branch today, we had to figure out how this was going to happen - but it all worked out in the end.   While we were in the middle of doing that, Brent got a call telling him that there was no power at the Halandri building!!!  As we had to go over there anyway for Yanni, Brent was able to look at the power problem, but found that it was just cut off!  We later learned that it was a mistake resulting from a "clerical error!"   We gave our talks at Athens 2nd Branch and I felt they went better than last month's talks at Athens 1st Branch, where we had to have translators - however, there was something wrong with the microphone and we sounded a bit garbled!!  There's always something wrong it seems.

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