Sunday, 4 November 2012

Sun. Nov. 4th 2012

Last night, Pres. & Sis. Freestone, having just returned from Madrid, did a load of washing and put it in the newly "repaired" dryer - it didn't work!  They were not happy!  There they are on a Sat. night (late) having to hang washing up anywhere they could to dry.  I think they are getting a new one on Monday!!  No other branches were meeting with us today, but the attendance was better than normal.  Poor President - now they have no lights on one whole circuit of the Mission Home.  A bulb "blew" and knocked it off.  President and Brent spent one and a half hours checking all the breaker panels they could find, but they were all OK so there must be one other obscure place to find.  The kitchen was without power, including fridge and stove.  It's fortunate they have another full kitchen downstairs so all the stuff from the fudge upstairs went down to that one.

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