Friday, 2 November 2012

Sun. Oct. 28th 2012

We got up at about 3:30 am and had no trouble using the link to connect to the Youth Cultural event and thoroughly enjoyed the performance.  We saw both  Zoey and Zane and a few other folk that we knew.  The performance reminded me of twelve or so top-notch roadshows pieced together.  It was spectacular!  It basically covered the history of Calgary in segments and the growth of the Church there.  We saw a picture of Grandpa Ellingson!  It was truly amazing.  Athens 1st Branch had to come and meet with Halandri Branch this morning because of demonstrations in the Centre so it was very full and felt almost like a real ward - except  that it was mostly in Greek!  Elder R. is not good today and is confined to bed - I'm not surprised - he was really dragging yesterday.  We had roast pork and veges for dinner and took some downstairs to them, but Elder R. didn't feel like eating.  We kept thinking all day about our families attending the dedication of the temple.  Mike Skyped in about 1 pm his time and told us a bit about his experience.  He was part of a small choir of 20 that sang.

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