Friday, 2 November 2012

Thurs. Nov. 1st 2012

Elder R. and companion emerged from their "confinement" today.  He looks a LOT better and I think he is REALLY glad to be out of the apartment!  I tackled the Book of Mormon order today and finished up doing an inventory of our stock in order to get it done - AND - wonder of wonders - when I clicked the "submit" button, it actually went on the first try.  That's the first time I've ever had it work for me on the first try!!!  During the spell of sickness with the missionaries, one of them was hospitalized over night so they could do tests, and he apparently didn't have the "right" health care card for those who are of the European Union.  It finished up costing $3500.00 for 24 hours stay!  So now, President has us scrambling to contact every missionary to make sure they have that card - if not - they must  get it.

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