Wednesday, 28 November 2012

Tues. Nov. 27th 2012

Brent went for the mail and then we had to clear up a fraud query on one of the elder's ATM cards.  Apparently the elder tried to use it at a store to buy something, but it wouldn't work - so he gave them his personal credit card and that worked - BUT - the Church ATM card was debited anyway.  Hopefully they'll give him a refund.  Elks came over - Pres. Elks was here for the Mission Presidency meeting, but he and Sis. Elks came earlier - Pres. Elks, so he could help Brent with some of the Finances, and Sis Elks, so she could help me re-organize some storage cupboards.  We dumped a lot of old stuff and recovered some much needed room so we could better organize everything and spread out a bit.  It was terrific to get that done, but having great company with you to do it is a huge plus - they are so neat.  We finished up eating together as the Mission Presidency meeting went so long.

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